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Turning Three: Preparing to Leave Early Intervention


NJ Early Intervention System’s program ends when a child turns three. Time and planning is needed to prepare children and families for changes in systems and services. During this time the Early Intervention Providers will provide information and assist families in the transition process.

Transition to preschool is not a singular event, and should begin early to promote and ensure continuity of services as well as provide families with a seamless transition between system of services.


A Transition Planning Conference is important for every child and family; even if you are not interested in special education or if your child may not be eligible for these services. Regardless of what the next step will be after your child turns 3, the Transition Planning Conference is an opportunity for you, others who know your child well and representatives from future program options to exchange information and thoughtfully plan for your child’s exit from the EI system.

The Transition Process – One Step at a Time

You are encouraged to contribute and share your ideas, participate in the transition process, and take advantage of all the supports and services that will be available to you.

01. Prepare

What are your visions and dreams for your child? Beginning with an idea is a place to start thinking in planning your transition.

02. Explore Community Options

What types of programs are there for young children in your community? Will your child attend a private or public preschool? Will your child attend classes at the local library? Will your child need support attending these programs? Does your child need services?

03. Transition Planning

With your approval, your service coordinator will schedule a Transition Planning Conference (TPC) with the local school district personnel. Be prepared to discuss your child’s strengths and needs. You may want to also share important Early Intervention records with the district personnel.

04. Referral and Evaluation

Once your child has been referred, the school district will invite you to participate in an Identification/Evaluation Planning Meeting to discuss if your child will need evaluations to determine eligibility and if so, what types of evaluations might be needed.

05. IEP Meeting

If your child has been found eligible for preschool education and related services, the district will invite you to plan an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Click on the following link for a Preschool I.E.P. checklist.

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